Emergency Essentials to Keep in Your Car

When you’re on the road in Hutto, TX, the unexpected can happen, which means sometimes you might be stranded in your car. If this happens, you’ll want to be well-prepared. By keeping the following list of items in your vehicle at all times, you can be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Owner’s manual

This needs to be in your glove compartment, as it contains a lot of useful information that can get you back on the road, such as detailed images of how to change a tire.

Old cellular phone with a charged batter

Even without a subscription, an old phone can be used to call 911 or 999.


Even if the weather is good, you might have to spend hours in the car. A blanket makes it easier to curl up, keep warm and sleep.

Battery-powered radio with extra batteries

If weather conditions are bad, a battery-powered radio can provide you basic information about how to handle it.

Bottled water and high energy snacks

Water and snacks are essential for sustenance if you get stuck somewhere for a while. High energy snacks like nuts and jerky are always a good idea to keep around.


Keep a detailed map of the state you’re in at all times. Never just rely on GPS.

Jumper cables

These can enable you to start your car with a dead battery, if there’s someone around to help you. They also make it possible for you to help someone else in a fix.

First aid kit and medical manual

If you’re in accident and someone is injured, these can literally be lifesavers until an ambulance arrives. Slowing down bleeding quickly can prevent an injured person from going into shock.

Tire repair kit

If your tire has deflated rapidly, a tire repair kit makes it possible for you to patch it up well enough for a short period.

Tire air gauge

This isn’t vital for emergencies, but it is essential for preventative maintenance. Keep your tires fully inflated to improve gas mileage and reduce the risk of tire explosions. You’ll want to keep your tire pressure around 30 to 35 PSI.

Road flares

These are invaluable at night so others can see you when you’re changing a tire. They can also be used to flag down help.

Flashlight with extra batteries

A flashlight is also essential if you need to make quick repairs to your car in the dark.

A change of clothes

If you have to change a tire in the snow or rain, you’re going to get soaked. Sitting in wet clothes is unhealthy and uncomfortable, so make sure you have extra.

Portable battery charger

As some of these items require batteries, a portable battery charger can plug into your car and charge them up if they are dead.


This is essential if you ever face a giant snowdrift and need to unbury yourself. Keep a shovel in your trunk and avoid getting stuck in snow for hours on end.

Hat, scarf and gloves

In winter, this can keep you warm and safe from frostbite if you’re stuck or need to perform repairs on the vehicle. Keep extra if you have passengers.