Are Pricey Replacement Brake Pads Worth the Money?

The excitement of summer driving is finally here, but sliding behind the wheel and hitting the blacktop isn’t all you have to think about. You’ll have to think about brakes in a second’s notice. Don’t take brake repair or replacement lightly.

An optimal set of pads will last a year or so. They wear out because the brake lining material, which can be made of metallic, organic or ceramic material, degrades every time you use the brakes. Pads put pressure on rotors, which halt the wheels from turning.

Once you have worn through the original brake pads (known as OEM pads), you must find a replacement pair. There’s also the matter of performance grade to take into account. In this article, we’ll talk about your brake pad replacement options so you can stop in time, every time. You can think about livability issues like noise and dust plus stopping power.

First, consider materials. You can select semi-metallic pads for extreme conditions. They are good with heat, so make for excellent brake fade resistance. Look for a lot of noise and dustiness. At Christian Brothers of Katy, our skilled technicians don’t prefer these for average cars.

Now for organics. Great for comfort, they’re not the best for stopping power.

The most popular primary grouping is ceramics. These are a top choice since asbestos brake pads were found out to be dangerous, and a great option for most vehicles. Choose ceramic pads for fade resistance and capability. They don’t wear away quickly, either. Beyond that, the dust they give off is a barely noticeable light gray. But know that, in very high heat situations, ceramic replacement pads can seep too much heat to rotors.

You also need to understand how the brakes are built. It’s all about the glue, or molding. For original brake pads, the automobile manufacturer molds the friction material to the shim directly with high pressure, making for more consistency.

With aftermarket replacements, the friction material is glued to the backing plate instead, and shims are usually not included. You can get breaks, cracks, early wear and inconsistency.

The friendly brake replacement team at Christian Brothers can tell you more. Call for a repair visit anytime!