Are Performance-Grade Brakes a Good Idea?

The excitement of summer driving is finally here, but taking the wheel and hitting the blacktop isn’t all you have to think about. You will have to use brakes within seconds. Don’t take brake repair or replacement lightly.

A great pair of pads will last 30,000 and up to 50,000 miles. Choices for brake pads are organic, metallic or ceramic. Pads press on rotors, which prevent the wheels from turning.

After a car has burned through its initial brake pads, it needs new ones. You will also have options performance requirements. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss your brake pad installation options so you can stop in time, every time. The factors to consider are stopping power, fade resistance, noise, dust and wear.

First, think about what it’s made of. Generally speaking, the most expensive replacement pads are made of metallics. They can handle a lot of heat, so provide the best fade resistance. These pads can be noisy and dusty, and they are dusty too. At Christian Brothers of Houston, our mechanics don’t prefer these for typical driving.

Next, think about organic replacement pads. These are quiet and clean, but they are the worst at stopping power friction force.

The most popular main category is ceramic pads. They are used instead of asbestos. Choose ceramic pads for power over time. They also last for a long time, so you won’t have to have them replaced very often. Plus, they aren’t dusty. They aren’t heat-resistant enough for top performance though.

You need to be familiar with how the brakes are created. The main differentiator between the original manufacturer’s brakes and aftermarket ones is molding vs. glue. Your factory-installed brake pads were molded directly to the shim under high pressure.

With aftermarket or discount brakes, the friction piece is glued with the backing plate to save money, and shims are usually not included. This can cause uneven wear, or even breaks and cracks.

The right brakes for your car vary based on your kind of car and how you drive, and Christian Brothers can help you decide. We invite you to give us a call.