Are Blue Headlights Dangerous?

Imagine you’re driving down a stretch of highway at night, away from the city. It’s the type of lonely road from a horror movie. You have been driving for a long time and safety for you and your family is top priority.
After a long time of traveling, you see a pair of lights on the other side of the road. Getting closer, you begin to squint with the brightness of the other car’s lights.

You put your brights on to signal to them they have their brights on. Come to find out they didn’t have their brights on, the lights were just blue.

Many drivers across the nation are getting red in the face when they encounter these blue lights. People feel that these lights are too dangerous and should be illegal.

Blue headlights are high-intensity discharge lamps, or HID for short. HID lights are not new and have been around since the 1990s. Like stadium lights, HIDs warm up to reach the full potential. These intense lights cutting through the darkness like a knife through butter is why these lights are sought after. That intensity is also increasing the thought that several drivers say the lights are not safe.

Because new cars are standard with these blue lights, drivers argue that they shouldn’t be banned. Aftermarket blue lights are banned and shouldn’t be installed if your vehicle did not come with them. Because the vehicles weren’t created to have those lights, they will be improperly placed and that is why they are banned.

When regulated, blue lights are fine. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to put these blue lights in your vehicle, and it does not have them, do not install them. It’s illegal and you could be hit with tickets.

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