Georgia Auto Experts Answer: Why is my car squeaking?

Georgia Auto Experts Answer: Why is my car squeaking?
| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Loose Belt

This is the most common cause for car squeaks. The serpentine belt (also informally called the fan belt) is a rubber belt at the front of the engine. The engine turns this belt, which in turn drives most of the car’s auxiliary devices. This includes the alternator, power steering, water pump, air conditioning, and other supporting parts depending on the car. The belt is one of the most important components under the hood, and a bad belt left for long periods of time can damage all the devices that run off of it.

Diagnosing a bad belt is relatively simple. Since the engine drives it, the belt’s speed is dictated by the engine’s speed. If your car squeaks under acceleration, it’s most likely the belt that is has gone bad. Replacing the serpentine belt is a big job, so we recommend having the experts at Christian Brothers look at it before committing to a repair.

Worn Brakes

If your car squeals while braking, it most likely needs new brake pads. Modern cars use a disc brake system. A housing called the caliper presses brake pads against a disc that rotates with the wheels, providing the friction needed to stop. Brake pads are made of a synthetic composite material that wears over time. When they start to squeak regularly when applied, it’s time to replace them. Neglecting brake pads is dangerous – the more worn they are, the longer stopping distances become.

Power Steering Faults

Your car’s power steering system is hydraulic, making it susceptible to squeaking. If your car squeaks when turning the steering wheel, have the technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs take a look. Power steering systems often develop leaks, and low power steering fluid will cause squeaking. Power steering problems are a serious issue, as a compromised system makes steering and controlling the car more difficult.

The occasional, odd squeak is generally not a concern. Weather and road conditions can cause a squeak once in a while, but regular, prolonged squeaks are concerning. They’re annoying, distracting, and often damage other parts of your car. They can also be dangerous, so make sure to see the folks at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs for a diagnosis. Our staff is experienced, certified, and we take pride our customer service. Visit us at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs and see the nice difference!

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