Our Experts Share 3 Spring Driving Hazards

Our Experts Share 3 Spring Driving Hazards

Severe Weather

April showers might bring May flowers, but they also bring slippery road conditions and flooding. The amount of water on the roads decrease your car’s handling. It also increases the distance it takes to stop by nearly 4 times the normal stopping distance. Large puddles can also reduce your tire traction which could lead to hydroplaning.


Animals are incredibly active in the Spring, even if you’re in an extremely urban area. Some have come out of hibernations while others are starting mating season. Either way, this means there is a dramatic rise in animal activity during the Spring. Many animals, especially deer, have a tendency to stand in the middle of a road.


Just as the nice weather causes an increase in animal activity, it also increases cyclist activity. Sharing the road with cyclists makes everything from a simple right turn to parallel parking more dangerous. Because they aren’t as large as a vehicle, cyclists will often end up in a driver’s blind spot without ever meaning to.

Along with regular cyclists, drivers should also be cautious of motorcyclists on the highways. They can also end up in your blind spot, so you should always take extra care to check your vehicle’s blind spot before merging or changing lanes.

Driving around on a calm Spring afternoon or evening may be relaxing, but you need to stay focused behind the wheel. To make sure your car is prepared to handle spring driving, bring it by your friendly auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive. With every visit we perform a complimentary courtesy inspection just to make sure your vehicle leaves our shop in optimal, driving condition. Discover the nice difference today.