3 Important Tips for Brake Maintenance

3 Important Tips for Brake Maintenance

C128It would be tough for anyone to argue that brakes aren’t amongst the most important safety features of your vehicle. Just think of the hundreds of times they bring you to a complete stop during heavy traffic on your daily commute to work. Despite their immense importance, it can sometimes be hard to detect when your brakes need maintenance work like getting the fluid changed or the pads replaced.

In fact, it’s relatively easy to put off brake maintenance as long as you don’t hear a squeal to warn you. The service technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive in Concord, North Carolina have 3 tips to help you solve this problem and know when it’s time for a little brake maintenance.

  1. You may not hear a high-pitched squeal!

    As mentioned, a high-pitched squeal when you press the brake pedal is the most obvious indicator that your brakes are having trouble. The sound is created by a metal wear indicator placed in the brake pad. Unfortunately, the wear indicator may not always be able to warn you, because sometimes it becomes rusty and falls off. Your vehicle’s brakes may not even have come with one in the first place!

    So here are some other signs to look for that could be telling you your brake pads are wearing thin. First, take notice of how long it takes for your car to come to a stop. Are you barely stopping before hitting a car in front of you? If that’s the case, get those brakes checked out! Secondly, be aware of how hard you have to press the brake pedal to stop.

  2. Ask for the brake fluid to be checked at each oil change.

    Changing your brake fluid doesn’t have to be done as frequently as engine oil. Nonetheless, any time you are in for a routine oil change, you can have your service technician check the brake fluid so you know you’re staying on top of it.

  3. Keep your wheels and braking system clean.

    Newer cars are frequently troubled by the brake problem of warped rotors. This is from overheating. To diminish the damage of heat the brakes create, keep those brakes clean! Not only does this help keep temperatures down, it also gives your brakes better performance so they can stop faster.

    1. At Christian Brothers Automotive Concord, our technicians pride themselves in making sure your car is in the best safety condition possible. If you’re experiencing any brake or other automotive issues you can bring your car to our Concord, North Carolina auto repair center for a courtesy inspection! Don’t hesitate to call us and schedule an appointment. See the nice difference.