3 Questions Every Driver Asks About Oil Changes

3 Questions Every Driver Asks About Oil Changes

CBAC Feb Oil Change 2Countless Sandy Springs, GA children dream about the day they get their driver’s license and finally have a car of their own. However, when you factor in how much effort and maintenance come with owning a car, the reality is quite different from that daydream. Fortunately, the ASE-certified technicians at our Sandy Springs automotive shop are here to help make car maintenance simple!

While your car will need repairs off and on, there’s no more important routine maintenance item than changing the oil. Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs’ number one priority is keeping your car running like new for as long as possible. So today, our auto repair experts answer your questions about oil changes.

What happens during an oil change?

When you take your car to our auto repair shop in Sandy Springs, we always make sure to replace the old oil with new oil. At the same time, we’ll also change the engine oil filter. While it might be a simple change, it can work wonders for your vehicle’s engine and overall performance.

How does oil help my vehicle?

Automobiles are complicated machines that fight the elements and rough road conditions on a daily basis. A lot of heat and friction is created when so many parts are working together. Oil helps absorb heat and lubricate the moving parts for seamless performance. This prevents your vehicle from overheating during a long commute or road trip.

When does my oil need to be replaced?

This is the most common question we get asked at our auto repair center in Sandy Springs, GA. There’s actually no single answer because there are a variety of factors that determine the lifespan of engine oil. This includes items ranging from how old your engine is to the way you drive, where you live, and what type of oil you use. Generally speaking, the magic number for most people falls between every 3,000 – 5,000 miles.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs, we strive to give our customers the best oil change experience possible. From a comfortable, clean waiting room to quick service, you’ll be happy you chose our Sandy Springs auto repair shop. Don’t hesitate to ask any of our experienced auto technicians questions about our oil and filter change service. If you have an oil change coming up, schedule it with us by calling Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs, GA today! See the nice difference.