How To Avoid Transmission Fluid Leaks

How To Avoid Transmission Fluid Leaks

slide4Most people driving in Waxahachie, TX are familiar with the transmission system. This system switches gears by appropriately transferring power from the engine to your wheels. The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) keeps the transmission running smoothly. The transmission pan is where the fluid is stored. The pan has a bigger impact on transmission performance than drivers realize.

The transmission experts at Christian Brothers Automotive Waxahachie are going to show you the basics of the transmission pan and common problems that might occur over the life of your car or truck.

What does the transmission pan do?

The ATF is necessary to provide fluid pressure and lubrication for your automatic transmission. Aside from storing the fluid, it also protects against from contaminants, allows the ATF to cool, prevents leaks and collects dirt and particles through the use of a magnet.

12 quarts is the average amount of fluid a transmission pan holds. However, some vehicles utilize up to 36 quarts of fluid. Only half of the transmission fluid is ever kept in the pan. The rest is flowing throughout the transmission cooling and lubricating the mechanisms. Our local Waxahachie auto repair shop always recommends a complete system flush. We use special machines that pump all of the old fluid out of the vehicle. Drain and fill services only replace what’s in the pan.

Leaks in the transmission pan

The most common issues with the transmission pan are pesky leaks. Debris that damages the pan, old gaskets and loose pan bolts and drain plugs are where most of the leaks form. Since the ATF is red in color, it’s easy to tell if you have a leak by checking where you park.

Transmission services and repair in Waxahachie, Texas

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Waxahachie, we help our customers prevent transmission damage before big problems arise. Simply replacing the transmission fluid when the owner’s manual specifies goes a long way in protecting your car. We back our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Waxahachie, to schedule your transmission maintenance at our Texas auto repair shop. See the nice difference.