Answering Your Questions About Tire Rotation

Answering Your Questions About Tire Rotation

CBA101Car longevity is highly dependent on maintaining tires in proper driving conditions. Many Blue Springs drivers have quite a few questions about tire rotations. So today, the ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Independence are responding to your tire rotation questions.

Do I Really Need to Rotate My Tires?

Yes, yes, yes. Tires need to be rotated to ensure the car will perform properly and that your family will be safe. When tires aren’t rotated, their life is significantly reduced. This is because tires that are never rotated will have tire tread the wears down unevenly and may even cause tire failure.

How Often Should I Rotate Them?

Although many people might think that you should get your tires rotated every time you get an oil change, this isn’t the case. Certainly they won’t become over-rotated if you do, but there’s no need to rotate tires with the same frequency as getting an oil change. The recommendation from our auto experts is to have a tire rotation every 6,000-8,000 miles. Keep in mind, however, this mileage will vary depending on your vehicle’s weight, the tire quality and what road conditions you’re driving on.

How Do I Know When I Need a Tire Rotation?

There’s a telltale sign that can help you determine whether your tires need to be rotated. One of the primary signs your tires need to be rotated is one of the tires showing more wear and tear than the others. In addition, increased vibrations as you drive or having a tire lose air pressure without an apparent reason are some other signs to watch out for.

If you begin seeing uneven wear and tear on your tires’ tread or don’t remember when your tires were rotated last, drive on down to your neighborhood auto repair shop. Christian Brothers Automotive Independence in Blue Springs, Missouri can rotate all your tires and make sure they’re in proper driving condition. Schedule your tire rotation today! See the nice difference.