3 Detailing Tips to Help Your Car Look Brand New

3 Detailing Tips to Help Your Car Look Brand New
| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The easiest way to accomplish this shiny, new look for older vehicles is performing detailing services on a regular basis. Detailing your car is shorthand for bringing it back to its newest condition possible. This process can include:

  • Removing any excess debris
  • Repairing minor chips and paint scratches
  • Cleaning the carpet and floor mats.

In order to maintain a spotless vehicle, inside and out, periodic detailing is a must. Our expert auto technicians in Jackson have compiled these three detailing tips to help your car or truck stay looking shiny and new.

1. Remove excess debris from your car

Start the detailing process by removing any gunk or debris from the exterior. Items that impact your car daily, such as flying insects, tree sap, tar from newly paved roads, and bird droppings are major contributors to the wear and tear of your vehicle.

Leaving this debris on your vehicle too long will cause acids to wear away the paint or make it next to impossible to remove the dirt as time goes on. To prevent this from happening, simply remove any debris as soon as it gets on the vehicle.

2. Repair exterior damage

The next part of the detailing process is to repair any minor damage to your car’s exterior, such as paint scratches or chips. If these are left too long, they may cause the vehicle to rust. Regardless of how minor you think this damages may be, it will eventually compromise the surrounding metal.

You can take care of a majority of these minor damages yourself by purchasing a quick fix kit from your local auto repair shop and using online DIY tutorials for removing paint scratches. You should, however, check to see if your auto insurance policy covers any of these damages, even if they weren’t the result of an accident.

3. Clean your carpet and floor mats

The last step of the detailing process is making sure you clean the car’s most susceptible component when it comes to wear and tear – your floor. Your floor mats are intended to protect the carpet, but leaving them dirty can make your car look much older than it is.

A great way to keep your carpet (and your entire car) looking new and clean for a long time is to buy rubber floor mats right away. Use ones with deep grooves to prevent any spills or outside elements from leaving your carpet in a ruin. Even if you do decide to get rubber floor mats, a deep-clean your carpet roughly once a year is crucial to keep the car floor and carpets looking new.

With regular detailing services, your car or truck can keep its “new car” look for years. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Jackson, Tennessee for an appointment today to keep up with any and all small maintenance repairs. See the nice difference!

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