Check Your Fuse Box First.

If you’re experiencing similar issues, check your fuse box before you call your local mechanic or visit a nearby auto repair shop. With a little investigation, you might be able to solve the problem quickly on your own—without leaving your driveway or even getting your hands dirty.

What is a fuse box?

Your fuse box controls the performance and function of a variety of car parts, from basic headlights and dashboard illumination to more complex features like your car’s horn and parking brake. It functions much like the circuit breaker box inside your home.

What happens when a fuse blows?

When your car blows a fuse, you face a seemingly mysterious failure. For example, you replace the light bulb, but still nothing happens when you turn it on. Not only will a blown fuse affect the car part in mystery, it can also impair numerous parts and even prohibit your vehicle from moving entirely.

Where is my fuse box?

Your fuse box if most often located near the bottom of your dashboard below the steering wheel or underneath the hood of your car. When you suspect a problem, open your fuse box; most fuse boxes include a cover that will pop off easily. You’ll find a diagram of the fuse box inside your owner’s manual, which will help you determine which switch to flip depending on what kind of issue you’re facing in your car.