Three Reasons Why You Need the Exhaust System

Three Reasons Why You Need the Exhaust System

CBAC Clean Air WPYour exhaust system is responsible for taking care of three main functions while you drive. The system transports dangerous gasses safely out of the vehicle, gets rid of harmful pollutants, and makes the engine quieter. A vehicle without an exhaust system is basically a loud, dirty machine that spews out poisonous carbon monoxide. Because it’s so important, our technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Green Oaks want to share a little bit more about these important functions of the exhaust system.

  1. Safely Transports Exhaust from the Engine

    You certainly would never want any of the gasses coming out of your vehicle to creep into the cabin where you and your passengers ride. It is, of course, the same reason you wouldn’t run your car in a closed garage. Thanks to your exhaust system, these toxic gasses are expelled safely through the tailpipe, keeping them well away from you and your loved ones. One of the signs you should have your exhaust system inspected is smelling the exhaust inside the vehicle. If you do, roll down the windows and head over to your local Grand Prairie auto repair shop to have the exhaust system checked out.

  2. Protects the Environment

    The exhaust system is also responsible for lowering your emissions and allowing your car to run cleaner. The catalytic converter’s primary task is cleaning up the exhaust before releasing it into the open air. Over time, the catalytic converter will become less effective and require replacement. Since it’s a relatively expensive component, you want to keep it working as long as possible. The best way to do this is to ensure the you’re up to date on your fuel system maintenance and regularly replacing your air filter. This is the best way to ensure long-term performance.

  3. Reduces Engine Noise

    The opening of exhaust valves releases pressurized gas and creates lots of noise. Although the muffler is mainly responsible for reducing this noise, it is also tasked with helping your car maximize performance. A vehicle engine that can expel exhaust quickly will be able to bring in more oxygen to produce increased power. Any noticeable increases in vehicle noise or reduction in gas mileage could be an indicator that the muffler is having trouble and should be inspected.

    1. At Christian Brothers Automotive Green Oaks in Grand Prairie, Texas, we are serious when it comes to exhaust problems. Our highly trained experts can diagnose any problem with your vehicle’s exhaust system. Schedule your exhaust system service today at Christian Brothers Automotive Green Oaks. See the nice difference!