How Your Muffler Makes a Big Difference

How Your Muffler Makes a Big Difference

Our ASE-certified technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs in Georgia are here to share some knowledge about how the muffler works and how it benefits your vehicle.

Mufflers Tune Engine Noise

When the engine creates loud noises from pressurized gas being released, the muffler springs into action with a design that makes a reflective wave. This reflective wave works to cancel out the sound waves created by the pressurized exhaust.

The muffler also controls how your car sounds, whether it has a soft purr or a loud roar. Since drivers prefer their vehicle to sound many different ways, there’s a muffler out there to accommodate each individual’s needs.

Mufflers Balance Fuel Efficiency and Power

Although noise canceling is an important function, the muffler also affects fuel economy. When exhaust fumes are able to move quickly through the muffler and exit the vehicle, the engine can take in fresh air faster. Some mufflers may improve the power of your vehicle, but at the cost of fuel efficiency. This is why many stock mufflers are chosen by the manufacturer to ensure they have a balance between fuel economy and power.

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