How To Prevent Power Steering Fluid Leaks

How To Prevent Power Steering Fluid Leaks

Your car’s power steering system plays a part in every aspect of handling. Every time you take a turn or switch lanes the power steering is what keeps you on course. For this reason, power steering is as a key part of safe driving as engine oil. Thankfully, it won’t need as much upkeep as replacing the oil.

The power steering system is incapable of functioning without fluid. When a car gets a power steering leak, the driver may have problems turning the wheel with adequate force when the power steering fails. In turn, unsafe driving conditions are created and preventable accidents occur. Finding a leak and fixing it before it becomes a bigger problem not only keeps you safe but also helps you avoid future expensive power steering repair costs.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Lafayette in Colorado, we set out to help you discover minor issues before they grow into serious repairs. Our ASE-certified mechanics have years of experience putting a stop to power steering fluid leaks.

Leak Causes

A combination of usage and rough road conditions, eventually take a toll on all cars and the power steering system is no exception.  Typically, O-rings and seals in the power steering system tend to lose their mass and shape, sometimes breaking off into chunks and entering the fluid. Vital fluid begins to leak out when seals fail to do their job because of damage. Unfortunately, these components can be a headache to replace.

Damage Caused by Leaks

A perfectly functioning power steering system, with no leaks, uses the pump to pressurize the fluid. This pressurized fluid works to push on the pistons that turn the vehicle’s wheels. Serious problems can occur when a leak disrupts this process. Lack of pressurized fluids to push the pistons prevents the wheels from moving freely. As a consequence, the driver may have difficulty steering and other components may deteriorate as well.

Using anything aside from the correct amount of fluid can cause pump damage. These specialized pumps usually are hundreds of dollars to fix or replace. Even so, the priciest power steering component is the steering rack. In fact, repairing a steering rack may even have a higher price tag than the car is worth. For this reason, it is far preferable to do everything possible to prevent damage in the power steering system’s components.

Power Steering System Service in Lafayette, CO

Power steering problems aren’t exclusively caused by leaks.  A squealing or whining sound while driving could point to a loose or damaged belt interfering with the power steering system. If you hear this sound, it is of utmost importance that a qualified technician examines the car to locate the problem.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Lafayette, CO our friendly staff is here to help drivers keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and prevent serious damage. We guarantee most of our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. At our local Lafayette auto repair shop, top-notch car care and customer services go hand in hand. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Lafayette, CO today to schedule a power steering check-up for your car, you’ll feel and see the difference!