Are Blue Headlights Legal?

Are Blue Headlights Legal?

You are traveling late through a stretch of highway in the dead of night, in the countryside. It is the type of highway from a horror movie. Your family’s safety is top priority for you.
Now that you have been traveling for hours, you see another car in the distance. Drawing closer, you begin to squint at the brightness of the other car’s lights.

You put your high beams to signal to them they have their brights on. Come to find out they did not have their brights on, the lights were just blue.

Across the nation, drivers are upset about these bright blue lights. This is because many drivers feel that these blue lights should be illegal because they are too bright and dangerous, leading to debate all over.

Blue lights are high-intensity discharge lamps, or HID for short. HID lights aren’t new and have been around since the 90s. Like stadium lights, HIDs warm up to get the full potential. These intense lights ripping through the dark like the Hulk ripping a phone book is why these lights are sought after. That intensity is also increasing the thought that many drivers believe the lights are not safe.

Because new cars come with these blue lights, drivers argue that they shouldn’t be illegal. Cars that do not come standard with these blue lights, but are installed later are not legal. Because the cars weren’t built to have those lights, they will be improperly placed and that is why they are illegal.

Blue lights are safe if they come built because of regulations for the lights. However, if you’re looking to place these blue lights in your car, and it doesn’t have them, do not install the lights. It is not legal and you could be hit with citations.

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