When to Remove Your Snow Tires

When to Remove Your Snow Tires

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Change happens all around us during springtime. Gray clouds give way to blue skies. People start spending more time outdoors. And of course, everyone just seems a lot happier when winter ends.

This change in season also means that changes are in store for your Collierville vehicle, especially if you used winter tires, also called snow tires, during the past few months. Make sure you know which tires you are using at all times to get optimal value and performance.

The Basics of Snow Tires

Few people enjoy driving in the snow. It's nerve-wracking, difficult, and, sometimes dangerous. While winter tires don't remove these challenges completely, they can make them much more tolerable. Winter tires have distinct tread and softer rubber, which leads to better grip and traction in snowy conditions. This makes steering and braking much easier, while also reducing the likelihood of your car's getting stuck in the snow.

Swapping Your Winter Tires in Summer

Winter tires don't have the same benefits in warmer temperatures. Ensuring that your tires correspond to the weather may actually save you more money than driving on snow tires all year. While snow tires are ideal for the driving conditions often presented from November to March, they are less than ideal for driving in the spring and summer. Actually, you will likely save money in the long run by matching your tires to the appropriate season.

Remember the flexible rubber we talked about in the section above? It tends to wear down quickly in warmer temperatures. This means you will be buying new tires sooner if you don't switch out your snow tires. The rubber used in winter tires will often wear down more quickly if used in warmer temperatures. So if you decide to leave your winter tires on your vehicle after winter ends, you'll end up buying new tires much sooner.

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