7 Car Hacks To Instantly Improve Every Drive

7 Car Hacks To Instantly Improve Every Drive

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

To move forward in this endeavor, our knowledgeable, ASE-certified technicians pooled their resources and years of experience into 7 car hacks that can instantly improve every drive.

1. Clean cloudy headlights with toothpaste

It turns out toothpaste (especially whitening toothpaste) is a great way to clean cloudy headlights! Squirt some toothpaste onto a clean, dry cloth and rub it all over the headlight’s plastic lens cover. Then, simply rinse off the toothpaste with water and let dry!

2. Remove an old registration sticker with a wet newspaper

Have you ever been frustrated with stuck-on adhesive from an expired registration sticker? Luckily, removing that mess is quick and easy! Wet a newspaper in warm water and leave sitting on the sticker for 10 minutes. When the time is up, the sticker should come off clean!

3. Sick of cold pizza? Use your seat warmer to keep it hot!

Unfortunately, this tip only applies to drivers with built-in seat warmers. If you do have this capability, simply put the pizza in the passenger seat, turn on the warmer and enjoy your hot pizza!

4. Use an app to find your car

Do you lose your car easily? Sick of wandering around crowded parking lots to find your car? There’s an app for that! iParkedHere will help you find your car when you need it. According to the iParkedHere iTunes description, “iParkedHere will tell you exactly where your car is, no matter where you parked it. It will even notify you when you need to return to your car!”

5. During the winter, park your car facing east to prevent frost

You know the sun rises in the east, but have you ever considered using this to your advantage? If you park your car facing east at night, the sun’s morning warmth will help thaw a frosted vehicle.

6. Save gas by rolling down your windows

Auto experts have always claimed using your AC on a hot day is more fuel-efficient than rolling down your windows (at least at faster speeds), but the Mythbusters recently proved the opposite. According to Adam and Jamie, rolling down your windows improves gas mileage, regardless of speed.

7. Increase the range of your car remote by holding it against your head

If your car’s key fob lacks the range needed, you can increase its usefulness by holding the remote under your chin. As strange as it sounds, this hack actually works! It’s the same reason old TV’s “rabbit ear” antennas held better reception while being touched.

Driving can be stressful

Fortunately, these 7 car hacks should help your life become a little easier. If you have any questions over these life hacks, or general car maintenance questions, please call your local Christian Brothers Automotive! Our nice difference will make your life more convenient!

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