Christian Brothers Automotive Celebrates Another Successful National Service Day

Across the country, dedicated Christian Brothers Automotive locations are celebrating another successful National Service Day. This year, we were blessed to serve almost 1,800 vehicles!

National Service Day gives back to single mothers in the local community

National Service Day began back in 2005 with Steve and Barbara Berry at Christian Brothers Automotive Cedar Park in Austin, Texas. Steve, Barbara and the Cedar Park staff partnered with a local church to provide free oil changes to single moms in the Austin area.

Since 2005, participation has grown every year. With the help of local churches, single moms are registered for free oil changes.

Christian Brothers Automotive is honored to have so much fun with local communities across the nation. From cookouts to bounce houses, each year is more exciting than the last!

Thank you to all who participate each year

This year, we had over 650 volunteers and staff members across the country join in to host this national event. We’re so blessed to have such wonderful local partners who donate to and participate in the event. Our local churches, organizations and businesses truly make this event possible every year.

Thank you to the technicians, who volunteered their time for the free oil changes and to our generous vendors, who supplied oil and filters for the event. Another thank you to the gracious church volunteers, who joined in to provide car washes, refreshments, entertainment and fellowship to each guest.

Register for next year’s National Service Day

If you’re a single mother, or you know a single mom who could use an oil change, check back in next fall to register for next year’s National Service Day!

Receive a free oil change and make a few new friends. We hope to see you there!