Help Your Engine Breathe Easy With These Two Vital Auto Parts

Your engine would be taking in these pollutants as well if it weren’t for your car’s air filtration system, including the cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter. Over the month of August, Christian Brothers Automotive will be discussing the importance of these air filters, and what their health means for the life of your vehicle.

Today, we’ll explain the difference between the cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter.

The Cabin Filter

Much like a construction worker wears a dust mask at a dirty site, or a manicurist wears a powder mask while applying acrylic nails, your air filter eliminates allergens and particulates before they enter your lungs. The cabin air filter is typically made of pleated paper, and is designed to clean the air flowing into the car before the driver or passengers breathe it in.

This filter is essential to maintaining a healthy environment inside the passenger cab. When the cabin air filter becomes dirty, however, the air conditioner and heater’s performance will suffer. The airflow into the car is reduced, and allergens may remain in the air supply.

Engine Air Intake Filter

As the cabin air filter protects your lungs, the engine air intake filter protects your engine. The engine filter removes allergens and pollutants as well, but is much more concerned with debris and waste buildup. If it weren’t for this filter, water, insects, dirt and grime could find their way into your engine.

Fuel-injected filters typically use a pleated paper filter, while older cars tend to use a cylindrical air filter. Either way, this element is crucial to keeping debris out of the motor. When waste enters the engine, sticky substances adhere to the moving parts, carbon deposits bake onto the components and the intake valves clog.

Dirty filters rob your engine of power.

Now that you’re aware of these two vital car parts, you can take steps to keep them well maintained. Fortunately, air filtration upkeep is simple – just regularly replace the filters! Our ASE-certified technicians recommend an air filter replacement every 6,000 miles.

Over the next few weeks, Christian Brothers Automotive will provide the resources necessary to keep your air filters clean and efficient. Until then, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive auto repair shop to request an air filter change. We’ll keep you and your engine breathing clean and easy!