2 Convicting Reasons Air Filter Replacement Is An Absolute Necessity

Over the month of August, Christian Brothers Automotive will discuss the importance of your car’s air filtration system, and what your air filters’ health means to the life of your vehicle.

Last week, we explained the difference between the cabin air filter and the engine air intake filter.

This week, we have 2 reasons why regular air filter replacements are absolutely essential.

1. Debris will corrode your engine

As your engine air intake filter accumulates more and more environmental pollutants, bits of debris and waste can find ways into the engine. This is a problem because these abrasive particles act as shrapnel. While bug legs and small grains of sand seem insignificant to us, they can have a serious effect on your engine’s moving parts.

These tiny bits of waste tear apart the engine. As more metal is shaved away, more debris accumulates and the engine continues to degrade. At first, this will affect your oil pressure and cause unnecessary corrosion. Over time, if the situation is not resolved, the entire engine could fail.

2. Contaminants affect the fuel-air mix

To run efficiently, your car requires a specific air to fuel ratio. When foreign substances enter the engine, they contaminate this fuel-air mixture. The fuel is deprived of clean oxygen and puts added strain on the engine. The fuel cannot ignite properly, which robs power.

In fact, the US Department of Energy cites a 6% to 11% loss in acceleration power when a car is running with a dirty air filter.When the engine has to work twice as hard to do its job, your gas mileage and fuel economy decrease. Eventually, the air filter could become so dirty, the engine may stop working altogether.

Keeping your air filters clean and healthy is simple!

Don’t let the inconvenience of a trip to the auto repair shop deter you from air filtration system maintenance. Just request an air filter check with every other oil change. When it is time for an air filter replacement (usually after 10,000-30,000 miles), an exchange is quick and affordable.

Over the next few weeks, Christian Brothers Automotive will provide the necessary resources for proper air filter service. Until then, call your local Christian Brothers Automotive auto repair shop to request an air filter inspection. We’ll keep your engine breathing easy!