Are Your Brakes Grinding?

Are Your Brakes Grinding?

When braking, do you notice a grinding noise or feel your car vibrate? When this happens at low speeds, it is usually considered normal. However, only a capable brake technician at a qualified auto repair shop can know for sure. To be safe, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield for a thorough diagnostic.

Cars with semi-metallic brake pads or front-wheel drive often vibrate during braking at slow speeds because the disc pads do not fully press against the rotors. If this noise or vibration occurs at every stop, especially sudden stops, your brake pads may be worn-out.

Put your family’s safety first

When it comes to loud noises made by your car, it’s always best to have them checked out. Don’t risk your family’s safety by ignoring a potentially serious issue. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield today. Schedule a brake inspection and notice the nice difference!