3 Reasons Your Exhaust System Fails in Emissions Testing

3 Reasons Your Exhaust System Fails in Emissions Testing

In the 1950’s and 1960’s, many government agencies began conducting air pollution tests to find the main causes of environmental contamination. It was discovered that automobiles accounted for the biggest portion of air pollution.

Because vehicle emissions can have such a negative effect on public health and the environment, steps were taken to ensure the safety of citizens. Car manufacturers began installing more effective exhaust systems and emissions tests became standard in most states.

Modern exhaust systems prevent harmful chemical vapors from exiting the exhaust system into the atmosphere or the car’s cab. As such, emissions tests check for any escaping pollutants. In order to pass the emissions test, your car must live up to a list of standards. However, not every car will pass the test. What could be causing your car to miss the mark?

Three common reasons a car won’t pass emissions testing

1. Faulty oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas. If the oxygen sensor is faulty, it could create serious problems. When the oxygen levels aren’t being properly monitored, the car could lose acceleration power, overheat, or release toxic emissions into the air.

2. Defective ignition system

Hydrocarbons are often traced back to the ignition system. When the ignition system is not properly maintained, it could effect your vehicle’s distributor cap, spark plugs, and ignition timing. This could lead to a hydrocarbon leak.

3. Air injection system malfunction

Your car’s Evaporative Emission Control System prevents fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere. These vapors originate in the fuel tank, and could leak through cracked vacuum hoses, defective valves or faulty gas caps.

Don’t ignore warning signs

If you notice any loud noises during the drive or rattling during acceleration or braking, it’s time to schedule an exhaust system check. Maintaining your car’s exhaust system can protect you and the environment, as well as ensure you pass the emissions test every time.

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