Causes and Fixes for Transmission Leaks

Let your local ASE-certified mechanic at Christian Brothers Automotive take a look to determine the problem and the leak source. The honest, quality service and work you’ll receive at Christian Brothers Automotive will keep your car in tip-top shape.

Transmission Leaks: Common Causes

Loose transmission pan

Caused by a bolt that wasn’t tightened properly when the filter was changed or a transmission drain plug that wasn’t properly secured after the transmission fluid was flushed, a leak can often be traced to a loose transmission pan. Remedy these results of poor maintenance with frequent, routine checks and quality service at your local auto shop.

Worn seals or gaskets

Your transmission seals and gaskets will wear out or crack with use over time. These damaging cracks allow transmission fluid to leak out. Replacing the gasket is a quick, easy repair, and gaskets often cost less than $20.

Damaged bell housing

Your transmission is covered and protected by the bell housing. When driven over rocky roads, large stones or rocks often fly up and strike the bell housing of your transmission, causing it to crack. These damaging breaks often result in significant transmission fluid loss.