What Kind of Lifespan Can I Expect from My Car Battery?

What factors affect and impact the life of my battery?

1.Driving style

Short, quick trips and frequent stops and starts will drain a battery’s life; most of the energy your battery expends is during ignition, and it needs sufficient time in between trips to recharge.

2.Extreme temperatures

Even if you live in a fairly mild climate, chances are that everywhere you visit and drive your car doesn’t have a perfect outside environment, too. Extreme cold or hot weather requires a greater amount of energy from your car in order to start your vehicle and keep it charged.

3.Systems to support

In today’s modern vehicle, you can probably just look around your car and find an array of technological conveniences and accessories. While these perks (like MP3 players and GPS systems) make driving easier—and more fun—they also drain the life of your battery.