The Effect of Exhaust Fumes

Prevention starts with education. Understand how carbon monoxide-related problems can impact the human body, and avoid situations where you might be exposed to harmful fumes that contain dangerous pathogens.

How does it affect me?

Found largely in exhaust fumes, carbon monoxide can suffocate you over time. In addition to the risk of death, a number of other pathogens are found in exhaust fumes that adversely affect the body, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and formaldehyde. Health risks associated with these pathogens include:

•Damage to bone marrow, spleen, and lymph nodes

•Bloodstream-related issues, including anemia

•Bone marrow harm

•Damage on a cellular level, which can cause various cancers

•Exacerbate heart diseases, due to hypertension

•Cell degeneration in blood vessel walls

•Negative effects to the central nervous system

Prevention is key

Protect yourself and your family by avoiding any exposure to these harmful pathogens. Steer clear of closed areas with a running vehicle, and away from the back of running buses and trucks that use diesel fuels. The black soot you see in the fumes isn’t only dirty and bothersome – it’s a serious health hazard.