Don't Put Off the Important Things in Life

You know that you can’t put off these important responsibilities in your life. Imagine, though, if you did. It would be irresponsible, messy, and even a little crazy (especially regarding regular bathing!). Your car maintenance schedule shouldn’t be any less important. Be just as vigilant about the health and safety of your car as you are about all of the other areas in your life.

Don’t wait to schedule your car maintenance and service checks. Regular vehicle maintenance will save you both money and time and can even save your life. Avoid costly bills, inconvenient situations, and dangerous circumstances by servicing the vital parts of your car on a routine basis:

•Oil change: Schedule an oil change between 3,000 and 7,500 miles. Check your car’s recommended maintenance schedule or ask your local Christian Brothers Automotive if you’re unsure.

•Belts: check at each service interval.

•Timing belts: replace every 60,000-90,000 or as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer recommendations.

•Brakes: Replacement can vary slightly depending on driving habits and conditions. Have them checked at every service interval.

•Transmission services: perform every 60,000 miles

•Tires: replacement will vary; check with your local mechanic

•Hoses: check at each service interval.

•Spark plugs: Replacement varies based on driving conditions and vehicle type. Services may be required at around 50,000 miles.