Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

1.Air filter

Your air filter is one of the easiest parts in your car to replace, and a new one should be installed every 15,000 miles. Easily accessible, it’s secured by just a few clamps that unsnap quickly for replacement.


You’ll be able to find a diagram of the bulb holder and the clip that holds the bulb into place in your car’s owner’s manual. Proper headlights can be found at most auto shops.

3.Windshield wiper blades

Your car’s windshield wiper blades wear out quickly, so plan on replacing this safety feature every six months to a year to ensure clear vision on the road.


Your battery becomes worn or fails due to corroded terminals, extreme driving conditions, a faulty charging system, or old age. Before you attempt to replace your battery, be sure to read your owner’s manual for instructions and wear protective eye covering. If you don’t know how to properly disconnect the old battery and connect the new one, let your mechanic perform this service.