Do you have a car maintenance schedule?

If you own a car, you should have a car maintenance schedule. Regular service and maintenance can help keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape and prevent many costly repairs and severe damage down the road. Talk to your local auto mechanic at Christian Brothers Automotive and let them help you formulate a schedule that’s right for your car. Between your own research and their help, you can take care of your car for years to come.

What can you do?

1.Determine how frequently your car requires an oil change. When taken care of on a regular basis, this routine appointment can help keep your car healthy. Check your owner’s manual for the mileage threshold for oil changes for your car’s specific make and model.

2.Determine when your car needs other routine maintenance checkups, including tire rotation and other fluid replacement. You can also find this information in your owner’s manual. Your local mechanic can confirm the mileage markers for these service appointments for your car.

3.Mark the dates on your calendar. Pencil in the estimated dates for these appointments on your calendar or enter them into your smart phone, and go ahead and schedule the appointments with your local mechanic at Christian Brothers Automotive.

How can your CBAC mechanic help?

1.Confirm dates and mileage markers. If you have any questions or just want confirmation from a professional for when your car will be ready for various routine maintenance appointments, talk to your local mechanic. They’ll be familiar with what your specific vehicle needs—and when it will require each service.

2.Ask for the stickers. Make sure you leave each service appointment with the windshield sticker that includes the date and mileage threshold for your next maintenance appointment.