Avoid these Common Auto Electrical System Problems

If any part of your electrical system comes to a standstill and stops working, it could initiate a chain reaction and eventually cause a total electrical system failure. Bring your automobile to Christian Brothers Automotive so we can perform an electrical system test on your automobile.

Automotive Parts That Use Electronic Command Systems

  • Airbag
  • Door locks, lights, and electric windows
  • Transmission
  • Brakes
  • Seats
  • Drivetrain
  • Engine

You most likely test your computer at home to ensure that it’s running at optimum speed. Just like your home computer, your vehicle also requires routine testing. Getting an electrical system exam will make sure that all of your vehicle parts are working together with the way they were meant to.

Dead battery

A battery dies when it’s no longer able to hold the charge or when a faulty component exists within the vehicle. Your battery can also die as a result of headlights or a stereo left on too long. You can jump-start your battery with jumper cables, but let your certified mechanic take a look. They’ll be able to help you recharge your battery or replace it.


Your alternator charges your battery while your automobile is running. When the alternator breaks, your battery’s power drains quickly and all power is lost to your car. A quick trip to your auto repair shop can help get you back on the road. Let your mechanic determine the problem and, if needed, replace your damaged or broken alternator.

Spark plugs and spark plug wires

If you notice that your car is accelerating poorly, running on idle poorly, or getting bad gas mileage, you might have a problem with your spark plugs or spark plug wires. When these important parts are damaged or broken, your engine can’t work properly. Your mechanic can remedy the issue with a basic tune-up.