Is Your Car Due for Scheduled Care with Christian Bros. in Katy, TX?

We've all heard about checking the oil, and it's hard to delay replacing worn-out wipers, but many people don't think about maintenance when their cars reach milestones such as 60,000, 50,000, or 100,000 miles. This can mean major problems such as premature failure or even your car being junked. It could also puts you at risk of victimization by dishonest mechanics, resellers, and dealerships when you're buying or selling a vehicle.

Start learning and preparing today:

• Use the manual: Autos have a manual just for their make and model, and these small books go over the manufacturer's word on servicing your vehicle. Many people don't realize how much these recommendations can vary a lot, so they end up relying on what potentially unscrupulous dealers say about the upkeep their car requires. We keep track of the correct upkeep for each car we service at Christian Brothers Automotive Westgreen in Katy, TX, but you can't blindly believe all mechanics. If you do, it could mean spending far too much money.

• List all your services: Have you ever forgotten about maintenance because that reminder on your windshield fell off? A simple log of all the work done can solve everything. You can use a list to track oil changes, and you can also track stuff like transmission flushes, windshield wipers, belt and hose replacements and more with this easy system. To go the extra mile, consider adding fueling information and data about oil checks you do yourself.

• Write up a checklist: It can be easy to forget about car maintenance work, but a simple way to plan for everything is to create a list of everything your car will ever need when you buy it. Then, mark each item as your vehicle reaches. If a paper list isn't your style, there are simple digital solutions that can help.

• Don't forget to wash it: Looking pretty is very different from functionality a lot of the time, but keeping your auto clean from roof to bumper to undercarriage is an important upkeep. If you don't regularly visit the car wash, the dirt will cause real trouble.

For more information or to schedule a maintenance service you can trust, contact Christian Brothers Automotive Westgreen today.