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When temperatures start rising, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning system to give out in the middle of a hot day. Keeping up with regular maintenance and repair can help ensure your vehicle stays cool all year long.

The first step in keeping your car’s AC running smoothly is making sure you get an annual tune-up from a professional mechanic or technician who specializes in automotive air conditioning systems. These will include:

  • checking for any leaks
  • inspecting hoses and belts
  • topping off refrigerant levels if needed
  • cleaning condenser coils
  • overall cooling system check up

If any issues are found during this check-up they can be fixed before they become major problems down the road which could end up costing more money than necessary on repairs or replacements later on!

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Signs of AC Issues

  • Sound: If strange noises are coming from the inside of your airvents, your ac system may be failing
  • Smell: unexplained odors can be due to bacteria build up on your evaportaor
  • Feeling: inconsistent temperatures can indicate a problem with your compressor

It's important to not ignore these warning signs. But rather, take action immediately by having an experienced technician diagnose what might be wrong so that proper repairs can be made quickly. This can prevent further damage due to overheating parts within the system itself! Common causes of malfunctioning air conditioners include low refrigerant levels (which must always stay topped off), and faulty compressor clutches failing due to wear & tear over time - both of which require replacement parts plus labor costs associated with installation/repair work done by certified professionals only!

When looking into repair options make sure you choose a mechanic with experience specifically dealing with auto ac systems near you. When you choose Christian Brothers Automotive Irmo, this is guaranteed! Some mechanics may have general knowledge but lack specific expertise when dealing with directly related matters like these.

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