Our Georgetown Auto Shop Relieves Your Extended Warranty Service Headaches

Regardless of where your car is purchased, the process typically involves an excessive amount of information and service suggestions.

Among the recommendations was likely extended warranty service.

Extended warranties can be considered “health insurance for the engine.” In fact, extended warranty service is similar to car insurance in many ways. You pay more up front, but could pay less in repairs down the road.

Christian Brothers Automotive can help with warranty service

Similar to insurance, actually using your extended warranty service can be a bit of a headache. Warranties are supposed to give you peace of mind – not cause more frustrations.

Whether your extended warranty is supplied by the manufacturer, a dealership or an independent warranty service provider, our Georgetown car repair shop makes the calls necessary to get you taken care of.

The Christian Brothers Automotive Nice Difference

At Christian Brothers Automotive Georgetown, we aren’t only technicians – we’re drivers. Our friendly staff members fully understand the extended warranty process and our ASE-certified technicians aren’t afraid to take the initiative when they notice a needed repair or replacement.

Our staff will make the phone calls to dealerships and manufacturers to save you the time and the hassle.

Don’t put off a much-needed auto repair because of the inconvenience of extended warranty service. Our enthusiastic staff loves any chance to prove our dedication to customer service. To check on your extended warranty service, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Georgetown, Texas today. Notice the nice difference!