Three Easy Ways to Avoid Transmission Repair

The automatic transmission comes in second, behind the engine, as the most expensive part of your vehicle to replace. If you don’t do any maintenance, it can fail in just 30,000 miles. Of course, with regular care the lifespan of your transmission can be extended and your repair costs kept to a minimum. The friendly team at Christian Brothers Automotive Fischer Crossings in Sharpsburg, GA, have three easy tips to help you avoid transmission repair!

Regular Service

Having your automatic transmission fluid and filter changed every 20,000 miles is the recommendation our transmission experts give. That’s because although the factory recommended service is a bit longer, it doesn’t account for daily conditions, such as hard driving and weather conditions faced by most drivers. In addition, you should also have your Georgia auto repair shop perform a complete fluid flush every 40,000 miles driven.

Use the Right Transmission Fluid

It may sound like a no brainer, but it’s key to remember that your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends a specific automatic transmission fluid. Different fluids are made up of different additives. The fluid the manufacturer recommends will contain all of the functionality your transmission needs to perform optimally. If you’ve replaced your car’s original transmission, however, you should use the recommended fluid for that particular transmission.

Good Driving Habits

Other than using the right fluid and regular care, you can also follow these simple driving habits to help your transmission out

  • Don’t shift while your car is in motion. There will probably be a grinding noise when this happens.
  • Don’t ride the brake. Driving while continuously pressing the brake pedal forces the transmission to work much harder.
  • Warm up your engine. It is particularly important when temperatures drop to allow your car a few minutes to run before putting it in gear. This give the transmission fluid time to warm up so it can lubricate the moving parts.

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