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Buying a used vehicle is often the fiscally responsible choice, but there are many risks involved. It’s often difficult to predict all future repairs and maintenance needs, and significant amount of trust is put in the previous owner’s honesty.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick, we take the guesswork out of buying a used vehicle. With a pre-purchase inspection, you’re given all information necessary to make the right decision.

The importance of a pre-purchase inspection

Few things are more frustrating than needing an expensive repair right after buying a new car. You shouldn’t have to pay for a previous owner’s neglect. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Oklahoma City,, we make sure you know the exact condition of the vehicle you’re considering.

While many used car dealerships offer vehicle histories, these reports are not comparable to a physical inspection, and often rely on the past owner to provide the information. As a car buyer, you have the right to request a professional inspection from an expert. At Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick, we’ll find the truth about your potential purchase.

A Christian Brothers Automotive pre-purchase inspection

With our extensive pre-purchase inspections, the Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technicians can easily calculate the vehicle’s true condition. We estimate all imminent repair or maintenance needs and provide an approximate cost. We bring to light any current damage or neglected maintenance services.

We compare the odometer to the vehicle’s condition in order to determine whether there is excessive wear or deterioration. Finally, we look for signs of unreported accidents, water damage, or low-quality repairs.

Don’t leave this decision up to chance. With a pre-purchase inspection from Christian Brothers Automotive, you’ll have all information necessary to make the best choice possible.

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, call Christian Brothers Automotive Warwick in Oklahoma, to schedule a pre-purchase inspection today. We’ll show you the nice difference!

Satisfied Customer Reviews – Christian Brothers Automotive Pre-Purchase Inspection

“Christian Brothers Automotive will do pre purchase inspections on used vehicles before you purchase them. This service helps you to know exactly the mechanical condition of the car you may be buying, and what the used car dealer may not be telling you about it. The low fee was worth every penny, and we were successful in getting our dealer to provide some additional maintenance to the car we bought.”

Mike B. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in Murphy, TX

“I brought in a car for pre purchase inspection. They got me in and out in no time and identified three problems, two of which could have been expensive down the road. I don’t trust anyone else.”

Terry C. – Customer at the Christian Brothers Automotive location in Jones Bridge, GA

“I was looking at a used vehicle and took it to Christian Brothers for a pre purchase inspection. The staff was very helpful and explained everything in detail. They had no problem addressing my never ending list of questions. Great deal and great staff!”

Jane M. – Christian Brothers Automotive location in Roanoke, TX

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