Christian Brothers Automotive Brake Services of Fort Worth

There’s nothing more frightening than brakes that squeak. The risks with bad brakes make it smart to keep them polished. The Brake System Analysis at Christian Brothers Automotive includes each part of your vehicle’s braking system like hydraulics and cylinders. We also survey attrition patterns and any other brake system components. We uncover and repair all issues we encounter. At Christian Brothers Automotive our objectives are clear: to give our clients safety.

Brake Service for Fort Worth Residents

A safe braking system can protect you and other motorists near you in Fort Worth. Due to the necessity of functioning brakes, we look through each component to ensure a safer vehicle with every visit.

The brake pads are just half of the story. Without properly serviced rotors, your car or truck won’t slow down as fast as it could. Rotor resurfacing is included in our brake jobs. Each rotor gets maintenance based on manufacturer specifications and greased properly to make sure the brake pads get the maximum durability.

Another forgotten feature in your braking system is the brake fluid. Although many places look at the volume of brake fluid in your car or truck, they often forget to check for purity. This brake fluid may become dirty and causes problems when it reaches the calipers in your car. Clean brake fluid adds to the life of your vehicle’s brake system, your budget and needs less attention down the road.

Every one of our service professionals are highly trained and qualified. With our detail-oriented, qualified staff available, you can feel confident knowing your brakes will work great.

See the CBA Difference

Each appointment you make with Christian Brothers Automotive includes a complimentary brake inspection. Timely evaluations let you know if your brake pads are ready for replacement or your system needs repairs. Our qualified, ASE certified specialists remove all four tires and wheels on your car or truck to take a better look at the brake system components and check for damage. You can rest easy that our technicians never suggest a brake service or repair that is unnecessary.

You can get brake service anywhere, but Christian Brothers Automotive puts in extra effort to ensure your safety. We offer a free car service to take you home, to work or to appointments while we work on your car or truck. To sweeten the deal, when we’re finished, we’ll return your car or truck wherever you are. Brake maintenance is crucial, don’t wait too long. Your loved ones come with you when you drive, and we want to make sure your car or truck is prepared to slow down at a moment’s notice. Book an appointment around Fort Worth with Christian Brothers Automotive today.

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    "The customer service was excellent and the service of my vehicle was superb. I would recommend Christian Brothers to anyone looking for outstanding customer service and vehicle service. Great organization."


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    "I found CBA through Google and saw they had great reviews so I decided to give them a try. They are amazing! Not only is the building very clean and professional, but they communicate and give you updates on the status of your car."


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