Easily Forgotten Maintenance Services Your Car Needs

Easily Forgotten Maintenance Services Your Car Needs

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

The best way to keep your car or truck running, and save more money in the long run, is to keep up with regular maintenance. Most Kansas drivers understand the need for periodic oil changes or engine tune-ups, but what about the smaller, less obvious maintenance requirements?

Today, our expert auto repair technicians in Shawnee, Kansas will explain two regularly forgotten maintenance services every car and truck needs.

Always check up on your belts and hoses

Your car’s belts and hoses are rarely discussed until it’s time for a repair, but these mechanisms provide the foundation of your vehicle’s ability to operate. Your belts are responsible for powering the vehicle’s alternator, water pump (if belt driven), power steering pump (if equipped), and your vehicle’s AC compressor. Hoses are crucial to the cooling system. Your coolant and heater hoses are flexible rubber compounds made to absorb vibrations between the engine and radiator, or the engine and body's firewall.

Newer cars and trucks include a serpentine belt, which handles the operation of many engine parts. If you drive a newer vehicle, your Shawnee auto repair technician should check for cracks, fraying and exposed threads. In an older car using a V-belt, the auto tech should look for glazing, cracking, or excessive wear.

While the belts should be checked for signs of wear, hoses should be checked for signs of deterioration. Have your Shawnee car shop check the coolant fluid levels, look for cracks or heat damage, and replace the hoses every four years (or when one fails). With a regular coolant flush, your hoses will last longer and remain stronger.

With your permission, we complete a complimentary Courtesy Inspection at our auto service center. During the inspection, belts and hoses are always assessed by our technicians.

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