The Top 3 Causes of Transmission Failure in Shawnee

The Top 3 Causes of Transmission Failure in Shawnee

Today, the courteous technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Shawnee are going to share with you the top 3 causes of transmission damage. We always strive to educate the Shawnee community about easy to avoid vehicle problems! With a little maintenance these issues can be prevented.

  1. Leaking transmission fluid

An easy way to predict transmission problems is to look for signs of a fluid leak. Transmission fluid is typically red in color, and leaks can be found near the drain plug or seal between the transmission and the engine. If you ever see red, brown or black fluid under the car, it’s imperative you fix the leak before any permanent damage is done.

  1. Low transmission fluid level and quality

Of course, leaking fluid can lead to a low fluid levels. It’s important to always ensure the fluid is still in decent condition so it can perform its job. As the fluid flows through the transmission, it lubricates and cools the components. If there’s not enough fluid or the fluid is starting to degrade, the transmission will perform poorly. At a certain point, the transmission will stop working altogether.

  1. Clogged transmission fluid filter

Most Kansas drivers don’t realize there’s a filter for the transmission fluid. This filter helps keep the fluid clean and of high quality. If the filter becomes clogged, it will not let the right amount of fluid through. Without transmission fluid lubricating the system, the transmission will either grind to a halt, or it will overheat. Neither of these outcomes is good for your vehicle and both will result in a hefty repair bill.

Transmission service at your local Shawnee auto shop

When you bring your car into our local Shawnee auto repair center, you know you’re getting a thorough transmission service by trained experts. We go beyond a simple drain and fill procedure by completely flushing the transmission with state-of-the-art machinery. Our professional auto service technicians will also thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any leaks to make sure you don’t fall victim to transmission trouble on the road.

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee, KS, we take transmission service very seriously because of the implications it has for the drivability of your car or truck. If you car can’t shift into gear properly, you won’t be getting anywhere fast. That’s why we back our services with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty.

When you bring your car in for a complete transmission flush, you know the service will be done right. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee, Kansas to schedule your transmission service right away! See the nice difference in auto repair.