FREE Car Care 101 Event in Shawnee, KS

Our wonderful, honest and experienced technicians are volunteering their time on a Saturday, which is normally their day off, to educate the community about automotive care. Community members that attend will be split up into small groups for a 30 minute education session where they will learn pivotal automotive information such as how to keep up with general car maintenance, how to change your own oil, etc. The education session will be followed by a 30 minute Q&A with the technician, at which time you will be able to ask him or her any questions that you may have about automotive care.

Shawnee Police Officers will also be volunteering their time at this event. They will be verifying that car seats are properly installed, and if needed, they will help you install your car seat properly. We will also have an insurance agent available to share helpful information about car insurance.

At Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee, we like to give back to our community, which is why we are putting on this event. We want to build trust among our customers and to reassure the good people of Shawnee that they can rely on us to provide quality auto repairs and services. Even local Girl Scouts can attend to earn a patch. We want to plant the seed for young drivers by teaching them the ins and outs of vehicle care. This event will be fun for the whole family. Adults and teens will learn helpful information by attending the educational session, children will love the entertainment of the bounce house and prizes from local businesses will be awarded to participants who are present!

If you would like to attend this FREE event on April 12th, please register by submitting your name and e-mail here or by phone at (913) 721-4773, just make sure to ask for Tammie or Nikki!

We are very excited to put on this event and to have the opportunity to educate our community about the importance of automotive care. We look forward to meeting each and every person that attends. We hope that everyone enjoys themselves at this event and leaves with a good understanding of how to take care of your car.