Have You Missed This One Vital Car Maintenance Step?

The car is sucking air into the engine as it flies down the road. The only shield between your engine and these realities of nature are the cabin filter and the engine air intake filter.

Together, these filters allow for a healthy, pollutant-free drive. However, these filters clog with waste and debris over time, which could be dangerous to your engine.

To keep your motor running strong, we’ve found two basic reasons your air filters need to be changed frequently.

1. Debris will corrode your engine

When your filter congests with environmental pollutants, rubble can slip into the engine. Abrasive contaminants quickly tear away the engine’s metal, producing more debris in the process. As this happens, the engine is gradually destroyed. First, you’ll see the oil pressure drop and the engine corrode. If left unchecked, you’ll eventually face expensive repairs.

2. Contaminants affect the fuel-air mix

To run, your car requires a specific mix of air and fuel. This mix is quickly contaminated when a dirty filter allows foreign substances into the engine. When this happens, airflow is reduced and the fuel is deprived of clean oxygen.

As the car struggles to ignite the fuel-air mixture, this “rich” fuel forces the engine to work twice as hard. The result is a loss in acceleration power, lower fuel economy and a reduction in gas mileage. Eventually, the air filter could become so clogged, the engine stops working altogether.

Keeping your air filters clean and healthy is simple!

An easy trip to the auto repair shop can keep your car operating clean and effective for years to come. Our ASE-certified technicians recommend an air filter change every 10,000-30,000 miles, so have our specialists check your filter with your next oil change! The air filter replacement process is quick and simple!

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee, Kansas to schedule an air filtration system inspection today. Experience the nice difference!