Electrical System Service in Shawnee, KS

You probably run tests to make sure your home computer is operating at optimal speed. A vehicle’s electrical system helps elements throughout the automobile correspond to one another, and must be tested just like the computer at home. Think of our professionals as IT specialists–but for cars.

Crucial Electrical System Parts:
Our ASE-certified mechanics are experts on electrical system car repairs.The battery gives electrical power to every major part in your automobile.
The alternator charges the automobile’s battery. When the engine is operating, it powers the electrical system.

Automotive Elements That Use Electronic Control Units
– Airbag
– Door locks, lights and electric windows
– Transmission
– Brakes
– Seats
– Drivetrain
– Engine

If one or several automotive elements aren’t working due to an electrical system malfunction, give Christian Brothers Automotive a telephone call at (913) 721-4773. Stop by our auto repair shop in Shawnee and have an ASE-certified mechanic check out your automobile’s electrical system today!