Brake Repair in Shawnee, KS 66226

Do your brakes shrill when you press them? Most of the time, this is an indication that the vehicle’s brake pads are damaged and should be changed. Do not dismiss this issue. Gradually, the added abrasion will heat up the rotors and they’ll have to be replaced, which will mean an expensive brake repair.

Replacing your car’s brake pads is a routine automobile service. Christian Brothers Automotive does more for your automobile than other auto repair shops. Our ASE-certified mechanics are sure to include any components designed particularly for the brake pads we put on your vehicle during the brake repair.

Our brake repair also includes rotor resurfacing. Rotors play an intricate role in decreasing your automobile’s speed. Without them your car would not stop correctly. Christian Brothers Automotive lubricates and resurfaces your automobile’s rotors back to the manufacturer’s requirements.

Brake fluid is another important component to your automobile’s braking system. Many auto repair shops just top off your brake fluid, but Christian Brothers Automotive performs a complete flush. We only use clean brake liquid to help increase your braking system’s efficiency.

If you need brake repair, give us a phone call at (913) 721-4773 or come by your community Christian Brothers Automotive in Shawnee today.