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You have likely been advised to get your vehicle’s oil changed in Dallas TX every 3,000 miles. Have you ever been told why?

Motor oil is used to lubricate the moving parts of automobile engines. It prevents the metal surfaces from grinding against each other and becoming worn or damaged from friction. Oil also prevents corrosion, helps cool the engine and helps keep the engine clean.

When a car's oil becomes contaminated or begins to break down, it will start to do its job less effectively and should be changed. How long it takes before this is necessary can vary depending on several factors. How old your car is, what type of driving you do, and the climate in which you drive all influence how frequently you will require an oil change service in Dallas TX.

Taking short drives or driving in stop-and-go traffic at temperatures above 90° Fahrenheit, which is typical for a Dallas Texas driver, will cause you to require an oil change service more frequently.

If you are looking for a great place for oil change service in Dallas Tx, let us at Christian Brothers Automotive off of Midway and George Bush be your dallas auto repair shop of choice. We will get your oil change service done with fast and efficient service! You will enjoy a comfortable waiting room experience, along with free wi-fi and even a courtesy shuttle if you need us to drop you off and pick you up somewhere.

Let us help you with your oil change service in the Dallas area today.

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