Christian Brothers – Keeping Down the Cost of Automotive Repair in Dallas, TX

1. Change the oil and filter. Older cars may need oil change service more frequently than newer models, so be sure to follow the recommended service schedule for your car’s make and model. Clean oil keeps your engine lubricated and running smoothly, preventing permanent damage.

2. Change the coolant as recommended for your car, and check the thermostat. An overheated engine can cause an expensive automotive repair bill.

3. While changing the oil, take a look at your car’s air filter. Car engines need air continually to function, and if dirt, bugs and debris are allowed to build up in the air filter, the airflow is restricted resulting in poor engine performance, adding unnecessary wear and tear on your car.

4. Check the air pressure on your tires. recommends checking once a month and adding air when needed. Correct air pressure results in better mileage and less wear on your tires…which leads to less frequent tire purchases.

5. Clean it out! Unloading any unnecessary items from your car can prolong its life and help with gas mileage. It’s an important safety concern too. Amazingly, loose objects in the car cause 13,000 injuries per year!

6. Don’t wait. If you notice fluids leaking, or if the “Check Engine” light comes on, get it checked out immediately. Procrastinating can allow small problems to become bigger (and more expensive) ones.

Whether your car is new or old, needs some simple maintenance, a small automotive repair or major work, you can do right by your vehicle by taking it to Christian Brothers Automotive in Dallas, TX. automotive repair dallas tx Christian Brothers Automotive 19020 Midway Rd Dallas, TX 75287 (469) 208-3896 [email protected]