Auto Repair in Plano TX: What Your Warning Lights Mean

1. Brake Warning Light

Usually this light is just the word “BRAKE” in red letters. This indicates either that the emergency brake or the hand brake is engaged, or that there might be a serious problem with your brakes. If the light is on and remains on, and your brake is not engaged, you should get your car to an auto repair shop in Plano TX as soon as possible. Do not attempt to keep driving your car. Any failure of the brake could mean serious injury or accident.

2. Check Oil Lights

There are multiple oil lights. There is a red check oil light with a wave under an oil can. That means the oil level is low. A red oil can without the wave means that the oil pressure is low. Either of these warning lights mean that the oil should be checked and/or replaced as soon as possible. There are also two kinds of yellow warning lights. Neither one should be ignored, as they can both mean problems with the oil level which can be catastrophic if left unaddressed.

3. Engine Temperature Lights

There are also two versions of this light. A red version of this light, which looks like a thermometer with wavy lines at the bottom, indicates that the engine is running too hot. When you see this light, it is advisable to stop your car and turn off your engine immediately. The blue version of this light means that there is not enough coolant or that the coolant itself is too hot. Both versions of this light indicate a problem with the engine that needs to be addressed immediately. Take you care to an auto repair shop in Plano TX as soon as possible.

When you see any of these warning signs, you should address them as soon as possible. Take your car into a shop that specializes in auto repair in Plano TX. Don’t ignore the signs your car is giving you. Doing so jeopardizes your car’s health and could result in a serious accident.

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