The Top 10 Cars from TV Shows & Movies

The Top 10 Cars from TV Shows & Movies
| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

What is the best car from TV and film? This has been a discussion for as long as cartoon families and talking cars existed, one that you've probably gotten into one too many times with co-workers, and one that continues to evolve as the pool of possibilities grows every day thanks to the power of Hollywood.

In our second car ranking ever, Christian Brothers Automotive is here to help settle this debate (or fuel the flames even further) with our very own picks for the best cars from TV shows or movies. There were only a few qualifications:

1) The car had to be from a television show or movie.

2) The car needs to be able to drive as a traditional vehicle (for example, you could drive it on the street – no Jack Sparrow pirate ships, here).

3) We have to want to take it for a drive ourselves.

Here are our picks for the very best cars from TV and film:

1. Flintmobile (“The Flintstones”)

The Flintstones' family car, also known as the Flintmobile and the Cavemobile, is an obvious choice for many reasons. For one, we couldn't do this ranking without going all the way back to one of the very first cartoon families.

Furthermore, according to a book about all the different inventions throughout the history of the show, the Flintmobile's official model is a '93 (that's 10,093 BC) Canopysaurus, making this the oldest car model to ever exist. An icon that's lasted through the ages. A car that must be powered by your feet is just something we'd love to try!

2. Herbie ("The Love Bug")

Nothing can beat the iconic look of the old Volkswagen Beetle, so there's no wonder why Herbie comes in as our second pick. With a total of six films and a mind of its own, Herbie has set the stage for countless anthropomorphic to follow suit and gain stardom.

We'd love to take a spin around the racetrack in Herbie – even though we wouldn't have to lift a finger!

3. X-34 Landspeeder (“Star Wars”)

The X-34 Landspeeder, owned and used by Luke Skywalker, is our third pick. It's also one of the only transport vehicles in "Star Wars" we could see ourselves able to drive to work, even though who wouldn't love flying the Millennium Falcon to the office?

Landspeeders can handle even the roughest terrain, can come equipped with blasters to blast enemies, and uses turbine jet engines to propel you quickly where you need to go.

4. Mystery Machine ("Scooby Doo")

While nothing is too special about the 1978 Volkswagen LT 40, besides being a vintage Volkswagen of course, the paint job on the Mystery Machine is sure something to write home around. The groovy design, bold colors, and even custom wheels are unarguably the best, and we would love to solve mysteries in it!

5. Bumblebee ("Transformers")

Bumblebee is a 1977 Camaro. While the Transformer is cool, the car may be even cooler in our opinion. I mean, come on – take one look at it and tell us you wouldn't love to drive it – especially while trying to help all of your robot friends to save the AllSpark.

6. DMC DeLorean ("Back to the Future")

With a comeback slated for 2024, the original DMC DeLorean was made extremely popular when Doc made a time machine out of one in "Back to the Future." Even if we couldn't use it to go back in time, we would love to be able to drive around in one of the most iconic cars in all of film history!

7. KITT ("Knight Rider")

Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT, was a self-driving, AI, and modified version of a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am featured heavily in the show "Knight Rider."

Today, you may assume that Tesla is similar, but you'd be wrong. KITT could do everything even the most popular AI cars wish they could, like drive itself without needing assistance from the driver, an arsenal of different weapons, and even a turbo boost. A car that was truly ahead of its time!

8. Pizza Planet Truck (Pixar Movies)

If you've watched a Pixar movie since the original "Toy Story," you have probably spotted the Pizza Planet Truck with its yellow body, white camper shell, and iconic red and white Pizza Planet rocket ship topper.

Or maybe you haven’t, and you just haven’t noticed it yet – it is a popular easter egg after all, so they don't make it the easiest. Modeled after the real-life 1978 Gyoza Mark VII Lite Hauler, the Pizza Planet truck would be great to make some extra cash on the weekends – or even take it for a joy ride around the block.

9. The Batmobile (All Versions)

The Batmobile had to be on this list – it's one of pop culture's most easily recognizable cars! But, with over ten different Batmobile designs alone, we couldn't pick just one. We would need a whole blog to rank them all!

Although, we would like to say that our top two favorites are the classic 1966 Batmobile driven by Adam West and the newest addition to the family, Robert Pattinson's modified Dodge Charger Batmobile in "The Batman." Both would be a blast to drive!

10. Ecto-1 ("Ghostbusters")

And last but certainly not least, we're ending our picks with New York's (and everyone's) favorite ghost-busting car: the Ecto-1. This 1959 Cadillac professional chassis was outfitted with all the spectral equipment Ghostbusters could need after being bought for just $4,800, quite a steal if we say so ourselves – the same model goes today for approximately $475,000!

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