The History of Christian Brothers Automotive

The History of Christian Brothers Automotive

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

40 years ago, in a small neighborhood outside of Houston, Texas, Christian Brothers Automotive was born. 🚗Founded in 1982 by entrepreneur Mark Carr, the Christian Brothers Automotive concept came to life after a man from his Sunday school approached him with the idea of opening an automotive repair shop. Even though Mark lacked automotive experience, he viewed this interaction as an answered prayer, and purchased the land for our very first shop shortly thereafter. 🚘


When it came time to open the business, Mark put himself in our guest’s shoes, and created a list of 25 things 🚘that most consumers do not enjoy about getting their vehicle serviced.


“When we started Christian Brothers Automotive, I wanted to change how people looked at auto repair. I said to myself, ‘Okay, be a customer.’ So I walked outside and I looked at the building, and the place was filthy,” Carr said. “I thought to myself, if I didn’t want to walk into my shop or sit in my waiting room, how could I expect anyone else to? 🚗 That’s when I realized how much work we had to do. I wanted Christian Brothers Automotive to be a place where customers actually wanted to bring their car.”


From there, Mark set out to improve every single item, from uncomfortable waiting rooms to taking time off of work or school. After hard work and some creative ingenuity, the CBA team has since provided solutions for them all. 🚗


We didn’t begin franchising our brand until 1994, when yet another friend approached Mark about growing the concept. Even as we continued to grow, our commitment to providing the Nice Difference 🚗and living out our mission to Love Our Neighbor as Ourselves has never wavered. Today we’re fortunate to operate in over 250 communities across 30 states.


🚗At CBA, it is our intention to positively impact the communities we serve; fixing cars is simply the vessel we use to do that. 🚘Since our inception, we’ve partnered with several organizations both nationally and internationally, and we hold a National Day of Service every October. 🚗 Notable organizations we’ve given to include YoungLife, Dress for Success Houston, Refugee Rising, Every Village, Open Door Mission, Discovery Youth Foundation, Star of Hope, and many more.


Standing firmly on our principles of faith, superior guest service and strengthening communities, it is our hope that Christian Brothers Automotive continues to positively impact those we serve for many years to come. 🚗 Thank you for celebrating our 40th birthday with us! We wouldn’t be here without you. 🚘

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