Do You Know Which Fluid Flush Your Car Needs Most?

ASE-certified technician performing maintenance oil and filter change

Regular vehicle maintenance is important to keep your car lasting as long as possible. An integral part of this process is regular fluid flushes to keep things running smooth and clean. Manufacturers will provide a recommended flush schedule, but at Christian Brothers Automotive, we’re not afraid to do the research to find the best time to flush your car’s fluid.

Here are the top 3 engine fluids you need to flush on a regular basis:

Transmission Fluid Flush

Your transmission is comprised of a number of moving gears and mechanisms. In order to perform effectively, these moving parts require adequate lubrication, which comes from transmission fluid. As transmission fluid cycles through the engine, it accumulates waste. It also thickens, forming a polluted sludge. This sludge can adhere to the transmission gears, causing shifting problems and an unsafe drive.

Whether you have a manual, automatic or semi-automatic transmission, contaminated transmission fluid can cause a wide range of problems. In addition to shifting problems, dirty fluid can create a grinding noise from the decreased lubrication.

The thicker fluid can also cause a drop in hydraulic power, similar to the problems caused by not having enough fluid in the transmission system. Finally, old transmission fluid can cause a delay in vehicle movement or an sudden surging of the vehicle. When transmission fluid cannot flow through the gears easily, the car itself has trouble moving safely.

A transmission fluid flush removes the degraded fluid, which cleans the entire transmission of contaminates, sludge and debris. At Christian Brothers Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians then sanitize the transmission with detergent and conditioner. Finally, they replace the old fluid with premium transmission fluid. If you would like to watch the service, our advanced computer monitoring system allows the opportunity.

Power Steering Flush

Over time, your power steering system’s seals, O-rings and internal components will wear out. As they break down, tiny pieces contaminate the power steering fluid. This fluid is essential to proper power steering function, and fortunately, it is the cheapest element to maintain.

By neglecting your power steering fluid, the contaminants will eventually chew up your power steering pump. The tiny pieces of debris act as shrapnel; wearing away at the system’s metal mechanisms. Ignore the issue long enough, and you could do serious harm to your power steering rack. The rack alone would cost a small fortune to replace.

During a power steering flush, our specialists remove the old fluid, along with sludge and waste. Like in a transmission fluid flush, the system is then cleaned with a detergent and conditioner before the old fluid is replaced with premium BG power steering fluid.

Don’t risk your safety by giving up control of the car. Avoid a dangerous or costly situation by adding a power steering fluid flush to your car’s regular maintenance schedule.

Coolant (or radiator) flush

Coolant, a mixture of anti-freeze and water, is the engine’s temperature-regulating system. If you’ve ever had your engine overheat, you know how essential it is to have the right amount of uncontaminated fluid in your radiator. To get the full picture of your car’s engine, imagine a series of tiny explosions. The cooling system is responsible for managing those explosions and keeping the engine at the right temperature. Coolant keeps the engine warm in a brutal winter and cool during a blazing summer.

Like every fluid, coolant degrades over time and fills with debris. This weakens the engine’s performance. If the fluid levels become low, you could be facing serious engine problems such as a blown gasket or a damaged radiator. Even with regular radiator drains, about 50% of the old anti-freeze is left in the system. Along with that old anti-freeze are scale deposits, rust and pollutants.

Regularly scheduled radiator flushes are important because they purge the system of buildup. A flush forces out all the old anti-freeze, along with everything the fluid has accumulated over the past year. In addition, new anti-freeze contains additives to protect your radiator against new buildup and contaminants.

Cooling system failure is cited as the leading cause of highway breakdowns. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we take coolant seriously. Some anti-freeze brands last longer than others, but every vehicle should perform regular radiator flushes. A general rule of thumb is to flush the cooling system once a year.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we view fluid flushes as a regular part of vehicle maintenance.

Clean fluid is a must for proper engine function. Whether it’s your transmission, steering or cooling system, regular fluid flushes keep your car strong.

Like every service at Christian Brothers Automotive, fluid flushes are covered under our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty. Schedule a fluid flush at Christian Brothers Automotive today and discover the nice difference!