Car Repair: Make Sure You're Getting a Fair Estimate

When it comes to car repair estimates, make sure you’re being treated honestly. If you are prepared and equipped with the knowledge to discern what’s necessary (and what’s not) to properly repair your car, you will be able to determine if the estimate is fair.

Check your state requirements

Some states require that shops inform their customers about any extra costs and time required to complete certain types of vehicle repair. Check with your attorney general’s office; they will be able to inform you about the specific information for your local area.

Your estimate should include detailed descriptions

A good auto repair estimate includes a breakdown of the exact costs and amount of time required to service and repair your car. Don’t settle for a verbal explanation; ask for a written estimate that you can thoroughly review before you commission the work.

Stay informed and up-to-date during the process

Make sure you collect all of the necessary information about any supplemental estimates as well as the final price that will be agreed upon by your repair shop and your claims adjustor.

How to Quality Check a Car Repair Shop

The next time you take your car to an auto shop for service or repair, set your expectations high. Your local auto repair shop should be your neighborhood partner in auto repair and service. It starts the moment you bring your car in for a repair estimate.

Your auto repair partner should deliver clear answers for the following:

Do they use qualified technicians?

An ASE-certified technician should assist you, examine your car and assess your vehicle’s needs. Christian Brothers Automotive shops have the capability to perform all car repair estimates quickly with on-site diagnostic tools and technicians.

How detailed are the estimates?

At Christian Brothers, you can expect to speak a technician who will provide a thorough, in-person explanation about your car’s repair needs. Your local mechanic should take the time to walk through an itemized list of parts and services required to repair your car. Don’t settle for less than honest answers and make sure you’re given a list of options to choose from for your service or part replacement. Christian Brothers won’t use jargon or hide anything in the paperwork. Technicians at Christian Brothers will also give you the opportunity to look at the problem or damaged part in your car both before and after the repair is performed.

Did they fix what was broken?

Your auto shop should always ask permission before performing a service or repair to your car. When confirmed in writing, you don’t have to worry about paying for extra services that aren’t urgent or parts that might not even require repair.