What Doctors and Mechanics Have in Common

The mechanics at Christian Brothers Automotive practically have PhDs in keeping your car running smooth and safe. Our auto mechanic team is made up of industry-leading men and women who are honest, trustworthy and dependable. Your automobile is in safe hands with us!

You should visit the doctor at least once a year. The importance of your routine medical evaluation is as essential as a car’s yearly visit is to an auto shop for an evaluation. Don’t you want your car to be healthy too? Sure, the skills of a medical professional and an auto mechanic are totally different – but they serve similar purposes.

The purposes of an auto mechanic and a medical doctor are to make sure everything is running properly, and, if not, fix it. When you get sick, your doctor diagnoses the problem and recommends the best appropriate treatment. A mechanic does the same with your car when it needs new tires, an oil change or more wiper fluid.

A car is made up of thousands of parts just like your body. All of the parts are connected, and if one of those parts (no matter how small) fails, the whole system can fail.

Your car’s health matters. Don’t wait until there is a major problem to see an automotive repair and maintenance shop. Take your car to the closest Christian Brothers Automotive today for a tune up.